10 Ways To Save Time In The Mornings


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Feeling rushed in the mornings? Feel like you are leaving the house unprepared or always late? Here are some tips to help your morning beauty routine go a little faster.

      • Shower at night and use creative sleep hairdos like buns (two on top and two on the back sides) to prep your hair for tomorrows style or see these 5 minute hairstyles to inspire you. 
      • Quickly go over your legs/underarms with this wet/dry electric razor if you are wearing shorts or a tank top.Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.55.50 AM [image source]
      • Wear eyelash extensions! I cannot tell you how these have much of a GAMECHANGER these are! You literally can go make-up free and be confident with these on and it only takes an hour every three weeks to get them filled. To learn more about these, read this blog.
      • Designate a place to hang your “next day” outfit (include shoes and accessories). I don’t know about you, but it takes me forever to stare into my closet with my tired eyes and to come up with something that works.
      • Use dry shampoo! This is the most invaluable tool for second-day hair! You can use it to get rid of excess oil  {this one is my favorite for oily scalps} or you can use it to add texture and volume to your limp locks {this one is the best for volume and texture}.

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      • If you must shower in the morning, wash your face and brush your teeth in the shower.
      • When you are running late, prioritize your makeup. Replace your usual regimen with a Tinted SPF Moisturizer, some mascara and lip gloss, good to go! (I actually keep these things in my purse at all times so I can do it on the go!)

    • Comine product uses. While you have your coconut oil out to remove your makeup, moisturize your legs with it too! Read more on combining uses.
    • Use inexpensive Foam/Velcro rollers to get great shape and volume in your hair while you get ready.

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  • This may be the easiest and hardest tip to make for  better morning, but if you don’t push “snooze” on your alarm, you will gain an extra 10 minutes!

Source (my other website): BESTBEAUTYADVICE.COM

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