Baby Glider



I am the youngest in my family. That means LOTS of hand me downs.
One of my more recent hand me downs was a glider from my sister.

I decided to recover the gliding ottoman and make a matching pillow to give it some pizazz.

All you need for the ottoman is fabric scissors and a staple gun.

Place the ottoman upside down on its cushion, on top of the desired fabric {this would be my choice if I had to do it over..}  ZigZag Twill  Then cut around the fabric leaving enough space to wrap around and staple. Once you have your fabric cut, staple away!

For the pillow, I used an old pillow that I didn’t have a place for and made the case for it. This site is a great resource for pillow-making

Something that I think would be really cute on it would be one of the {so cute} popular Quotes Pillow  instead of one with matching fabric!

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