Chronic Dry Mouth – Best Tips


chronic dry mouth advice Do you have chronic dry mouth? Do you wake up with your mouth so dry in the middle of the night that you need a glass of water? How about in the daytime- do your lips sometimes stick to your teeth while you are talking? If so, here is my best advice for you.

Chronic Dry Mouth Causes

Chronic dry mouth can be as simple as something that runs in your genes but is often associated with other health concerns. For example, when you are sick with a sore throat, you have inflammation and that can lead to dry mouth. Here is a list of the common associated health conditions with chronic dry mouth.

  • —Inflammation
  • —Osteoporosis
  • —Heart Disease and Stroke
  • —Pregnancy Problems
  • —Diabetes
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Cancer/Radiation “chemo mouth”
  • Side effect from medications (check your prescriptions)

Chronic Dry Mouth Symptoms

Some of the things that you may be experiencing if you have dry mouth are (but not limited to):

  • Difficulty speaking and swallowing
  • Lip sticks to teeth
  • Altered taste and sense of smell
  • Sensitivity to spicy, salty and acidic food
  • Burning in the mouth, on the lips, or on the tongue
  • Food sticks to the mouth
  • Frothy spit that gathers in the sides of lips
  • Cracking tongue

Chronic Dry Mouth Tips/Remedies

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Avoid acidic, spicy and salty foods.
  3. Always carry sugar free gum or a mouth gel to lubricate through the day.
  4. Stay away from any alcohol products including regular mouth wash products.
  5. Start am oral care routine for dry mouth. My recommendation: Oral 7 [FREE SAMPLE HERE]

Oral 7 is a full line of dry mouth oral care products. The 7 means that you can use it 7 days a week to help relieve chronic dry mouth. [FREE SAMPLE HERE]

chronic dry mouthInteresting side note that I learned at a conference: Have you ever tried a product called Biotene? Were you one of the many that were sad when they changed the formula? Many people found that it helped their dry mouth symptoms and were disappointed in the new formula. Now, years later Oral 7 brought the formula back in full force. It advanced through the FDA  because the ingredients were strikingly similar to the old Biotene formula.

This product:

  • Contains No Alcohol
  • Has a Gentle Flavor
  • Relieves the symptoms of dry mouth
  • Contains A Protein – Enzyme System that mimics the natural saliva process
  • Soothes and helps protect the mouth from irritation and excessive dryness
  • Cleanses the teeth and mouth
  • Freshens your breath
  • Most importantly moisturizes the mouthchornic dry mouth kids


 Does Oral 7 Work For Chronic Dry Mouth & Sensitive Teeth?

I am one of those people that cannot go more than a couple of days without using a sensitive toothpaste. If I do, I get “zingers”, (those painful shocks of pain) with any food that is too hot, too cold, or too sweet. The first time that I tried Oral 7 I assumed that I was going to have to alternate every other night with a sensitive toothpaste. Surprisingly, I used the entire tube and did not have to switch it out once! Oral 7 helped fill in my pourous sensitive teeth too!

Do you want to try this product FREE right away. Click this link to get a free sample!chronic dry mouth relief

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