Paint Your Piano


I have been cutting my friend KC’s hair for about two years now. He refinishes furniture for a living at Four Chairs Furniture in Lindon, Utah.

He had a great idea. He decided to paint an old upright piano to make it a statement piece for your front room!
This Refinishing by Kevin (KC) Allen at Innovated Refinishing in Orem, Utah. If you live nearby, he will come to your house and give you a furniture design consultation and haul the pieces that you want refinished back to his shop. He really does amazing work.

Pregnancy Photo Ideas

I had never heard of taking maternity photos or doing a pregnancy photo shoot until I started seeing some really cute baby bellies on Pinterest. At first I thought that they were kind of silly, but then I thought, one day my kids would probably like to see what I looked like as a pregnant woman. Also, when you are pregnant, it is really hard to see the “glow” or the “cute round belly”. When you are in the middle of it, you feel just like a fat, semi-emotional (ok, maybe more than semi), mess. Now seeing the pictures with my 9 month old baby, pregnancy doesn’t look so terrible. Mama amnesia must be kicking in.

Part of being a good photographer is telling us “not so photogenic” people how to pose. Photos by . Shotz by Chotz



Another fun style is the silhouette of the pregnant belly.



When the sun is shining brightly through the window, have someone line up the camera just right with the brightest part of the sun behind you. No photoshop needed. In fact, this was taken with an iPhone.

Handmade Tin Box Earrings DIY


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