Marshmallow Roasting Stick or Yoga Mat Carrying Case DIY

I love to repurpose things! One clever DIY that I got from my mother-in-law, is to use the leg of an old pair of jeans to make a long slim carrying case for roasting sticks. They are thick and durable and just fine to get a little dirty!

Eight Easy Steps (20 minutes start to finish!)

1. Cut jeans in half, using each leg as one half

2. Turn inside out

2. Sew the ankle together to make the bottom of the bag.

3. Line up the waistline and sew together leaving a small hole for a strap

4. Cut off the top waistline from the other half of the jeans for a strap

4. Place strap inside the inside out pant leg and pull a small portion out the hole

5. Sew the strap to close the hole. If it bulges, its fine.

6. Turn pant leg right side out


7. Stretch the strap to the opposite/outside of the pants, making sure to move it down the pantleg as well.

8. Sew it in place on the outer seam.

Optional: Cut a slit in the waist band and insert a string or strip of excess denim to make a tie closure.

Keep them with your camp chairs so that they are ready to go for any campout. 


While you are here and thinking about marshmallows, see this post to see the best roasting sticks and a secret to perfectly golden marshmallows every time!

Roasting a Perfect Golden Marshmallow

Prefect Golden Marshmallow TipWhen my husband was little, his grandma at the campfire would make all the kids roasting mallows learn how to roast the "perfect marshmallow". They couldn't eat it until it was perfect. After catching several on fire and having to throw it into the fire, he learned quickly to roast above coals, not flames. He finally got it.

The best way to perfectly golden a marshmallow is to watch closely. Once the marshmallow starts to smoke, count to three, then rotate it to the next side. Continue this 4-5 times until the entire marshmallow is golden brown. Try it at home on your stovetop. Try the 3 second smoke trick works.

After hearing about my husbands cousin that accidentally flung a flaming marshmallow onto his face, because he was using an unfolded hanger, I would opt to pay a few dollars for a good one. If you don't have roasting sticks, these ones rock They are sturdy!

Click here to see a DIY Roaster Stick Carrying Case made from an old pair of jeans It would be an awesome free gift for a friend who enjoys camping.



S’mores: Chocolate Melted to Perfection

Everyone has tried different ways to perfect their S’mores. A common one that I have seen is putting the chocolate on the graham cracker and setting it on the fire ring like this.


First off, that is where all the feet go to keep warm at night so you are putting your foot where your feet are. Second, if it wont melt your socks, it likely wont melt your chocolate! So here is the solution. Use a cast iron skillet.


Set it on some of the coals away from the fire to keep it from melting too quickly and in the time that you can roast the perfect marshmallow, your chocolate will be nearly liquified.

As for what kind of skillet, you can use any, but if you want to do it with ease, I got this perfect sized one with a long handle here.

There are so many uses for this thing! But, I will save that for another post.

Another great thing about this technique is you will save chocolate and calories. In this case, less is more because it squishes around, all the way out to the corners getting chocolate in every bite! I used to put half a Hershey’s bar on mine, now I can use just 2 squares! Who every thought that I would say “less is more” when talking about chocolate?