Brighten Your Smile in 60 Seconds


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One day, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my teeth were stained! How did I let them get so yellow. I tried several things, and this is what finally worked!!

My mom recommended that I get some Activated Charcoal. She told me to break one of the capsules open and put the charcoal dust on my toothbrush. Then give em’ a good brushing. I looked like someone out of a horror film while I was doing it because my saliva turned jet black.

Afterwards, my teeth felt like the day that I just got my braces off. They were lickably smooth!

I love this trick.

Have you ever tried this?


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  1. Decades ago, my parents used this stuff from India called Monkey Tooth Powder. I think charcoal is the main ingredient in that too!

    • There is actually a link on the post that will give you an link. Just click on the words “Activated Charcoal”

      • We buy our activated charcoal in bulk for a good price at 17.00 per pound – Free shipping. They also list lots of great uses for activated charcoal.

    • You can always ask your dentist what he thinks if you are worried about it, as I am not a professional. I have done it in moderation and it has been fine.

  2. You should be able to buy the capsules in the vitamin section of any store, or in a vitamin shop, they are not a particularly exotic product.

    • Activated charcoal doesn’t stain. It absorbs and washes right out. We use this method and it really works fast. It should not hurt your enamel as do the strips.

  3. Try coconut oil – it looks and tastes nicer and helps your gums get healthy. Healthy gums equals solid foundation for keeping teeth

  4. Activated charcoal is used for some medication overdoses/toxicities. It pulls in the toxins and increases the excretion of the toxin,

  5. I recommend mixing the charcoal (i use one capsule) with a tablespoon of coconut oil and oil pulling with the combination! (swish around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes — do not swallow) my teeth turn out white every time, and feel clean as can be! plus you get all the benefits of regular oil pulling 🙂

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