Marshmallow Roasting Stick or Yoga Mat Carrying Case DIY

I love to repurpose things! One clever DIY that I got from my mother-in-law, is to use the leg of an old pair of jeans to make a long slim carrying case for roasting sticks. They are thick… Read More

Roasting a Perfect Golden Marshmallow

When my husband was little, his grandma at the campfire would make all the kids roasting mallows learn how to roast the “perfect marshmallow”. They couldn’t eat it until it was perfect. After catching several on fire and… Read More

S’mores: Chocolate Melted to Perfection

Everyone has tried different ways to perfect their S’mores. A common one that I have seen is putting the chocolate on the graham cracker and setting it on the fire ring like this. First off, that is where… Read More