Edible Super Bowl Stadium Made With Rice Krispies

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! I have seen many different great Super Bowl Stadiums made out of food, but this year I wanted to make my own. I made my stadium out of Rice Krispy Treats. Because I had… Read More

Parmesan Cheese Lid on a Mason Jar

I love when things work out. I had heard that Kraft Parmesan Cheese Lids are compatable with the stardard mouth mason jars. The rumors are true! This is fantastic. What could you put in there? Anything small and… Read More

Draw a 3D Heart for DIY Valentines

To draw a 3D heart, its actually more simple than you would think. Here are the steps to make your own 3D valentines: With a pencil, draw a box with a heart inside it. Use a flat edge… Read More