DIY Rustic Wood Mirror


DiY rustic mirror tutuorial

The last step of our recent bathroom remodel was picking out the mirror. At first we debated on what kind of mirror to buy, then realized that WE ALREADY HAVE A MIRROR!

The mirror that we removed during the demolition was the perfect size, but lacked a frame. Handy husband to the rescue.

After looking  at many shapes and colors of frames, the one that I liked the best happened to be one of the easiest ones to make. We used this YouTube tutorial to inspire our DIY Bathroom Mirror. We ended up buying a Kreg Jig that these ladies recommend and I am SO excited to make more things with it.

Because of all the light paint colors and white tile, we wanted to ad a touch of nature by using stained wood. I love the combination of clean and rustic together. Clean walls, clean tile, rustic mirror. For me: a perfect combination.

Didn’t it turn out great?

DIY Rustic mirror

P.S. The stain that we used is the Miniwax Provincial Stain. And we used Construction Adhesive to attach the mirror to the back.

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