Handmade Tin Box Earrings DIY


earring tutorial

If you ever come across vintage floral tin boxes , snatch them up! They make really unique jewelry.


Here is a tutorial to make beautiful DIY vintage earrings that are so fast to make!
The first earring will take the longest time, but once you have the steps down, they are so fast and can even be easily mass produced if you have an Etsy store.

All you need is:

I really like finding old florals to make earrings.


Six Easy Steps

      1. Examine the box for the most unique pieces that would go together in a set
      2. Use the wire cutters to snip through the edges of the box
      3. Cut our the shapes for your earrings
      4. Sand the edges
      5. On top of some scrap wood or a 2X4 use a hammer and small nail to punch a hole for the jewelry hardware.
      6. Attach hardware


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  1. This looks like fabulous fun and so easy. I can hardly wait to find some tins. Christmas is coming and what a great fun gift these will be! Thanks!

  2. Patricia

    For Valentines day, I received candy in a red heart shaped tin with a black scroll pattern on it. I think it is just beautiful but could not bring myself to throw it out. I’m just trying to figure out how best to utilize it. I also have another one from last year which has a raised pattern on it. Am seeing some great ideas but before I just start cutting and ruining them, I’m getting ideas. And some great ones!