Homemade Kefir



My mother-in-law, turned us on to Homemade Kefir. Many places around the world drink Kefir for breakfast and for probiotic supplementation. Like yogurt, it gives you loads of probiotics. It is a real live cultured drink! She gave us part of her culture, now we are hooked.

The Kefir grains digest the lactose from the milk and they grow in quantity the more you culture. You can buy dehydrated kefir grains here on Amazon.com if you don’t know of anyone to split a culture with you . All you do is re-hydrate it in milk for 24 hours, pour off the milk then start culturing.

To Culture:
All you do is add milk, let it sit in a glass container with a breathable, mesh or holed lid for 6-48 hours (the longer, the more sharp the taste). Next, strain out the culture grains (add milk to start next batch) and drink up or let it set in the fridge to get cold.

*Be sure to only store it in glass. Plastic and metal containers leach out lead!

Our favorite way to eat is is poured over granola or blended up with strawberries. Yum Yum Yum

** If you forget about it culturing, its ok! Eat it like sour cream!

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