Marshmallow Roasting Stick or Yoga Mat Carrying Case DIY


I love to repurpose things! One clever DIY that I got from my mother-in-law, is to use the leg of an old pair of jeans to make a long slim carrying case for roasting sticks. They are thick and durable and just fine to get a little dirty!

Eight Easy Steps (20 minutes start to finish!)

1. Cut jeans in half, using each leg as one half

2. Turn inside out

2. Sew the ankle together to make the bottom of the bag.

3. Line up the waistline and sew together leaving a small hole for a strap

4. Cut off the top waistline from the other half of the jeans for a strap

4. Place strap inside the inside out pant leg and pull a small portion out the hole

5. Sew the strap to close the hole. If it bulges, its fine.

6. Turn pant leg right side out


7. Stretch the strap to the opposite/outside of the pants, making sure to move it down the pantleg as well.

8. Sew it in place on the outer seam.

Optional: Cut a slit in the waist band and insert a string or strip of excess denim to make a tie closure.

Keep them with your camp chairs so that they are ready to go for any campout. 


While you are here and thinking about marshmallows, see this post to see the best roasting sticks and a secret to perfectly golden marshmallows every time!

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  1. I wish we were neighbors, but I guess this is the next best place than to being there 🙂 I CAN SPEND A WHOLE DAY READING YOUR WEBSITE – WHAT FUN!!!! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. . .and. . .here’s to marshmellowing 🙂 Donna

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