Necklace Rack



I love this necklace rack. It was really easy to make too!

All you need is:

To begin, you may need to cut down your salvaged wood to the size that you want with a table saw. Ideally, you will want to pick pieces that are already the size you want because once you cut aged wood, it exposes fresh wood. The racks that I didn’t need to cut ended up being some of the best ones. However, if you end up cutting them, you can leave them or finish them with a sander and some stain.

Once they are cut to size, lay our your knobs in the position that you want them. Once you have the pattern you want, use a drill to make holes in the wood. You will need to counter sink the back so that the knobs nut on back doesn’t scratch the wall once it is mounted.

Now that the holes are done, put the knobs on. *The knobs that I used were a bit too long. Rather than cutting them down and risking ruining the thread, I added wooden beads just beneath the ceramic part of the knob.

Now that the rack is almost done, ad mounting hardware in two, not one, places on the back. Make sure to measure them out 16 inches apart for stud width. With just one it will get off balanced and lean when one knob is used and the others aren’t. Also by having both sides with mounting hardware, you will be able to hang anything on the rack. Not only is this a jewelry rack, but a coat rack, hat rack, scarf rack etc.


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