Organized and Childproof Laundry Room




Now that my baby is mobile, its time that my laundry room gets a makeover. I needed to make it childproof, just in case I forget to keep the door closed one day.

The main concern that I had was keeping my laundry soap on the ground. I would hate for her to ever get into it and swallow some. I buy bulk to reduce plastic waste and save some money. I use

My second concern was, with all of my buckets, I feared that she could climb up onto the washer and fall into the washer. No, I am not paranoid, this really happened last year near me! [news clip]. Watch this as a warning to all mothers.

My solution was to get some shelving put in. I brain-stormed for quite some time to come up with how to do it affordably. It ended up being FREE because we had or were given all of the supplies!

BeforeDSC_0037& AfterDSC_0011 

Items Used:

When I put the 3-tier shelf {see Items Used} together, I put the bottom two shelves on upside down {on purpose}. Then, I flipped the entire shelf upside down making the top shelf what will rest on my mounting shelf.


I wanted mine to go up to the ceiling so I had my husband hold the 3-tier shelf {see Items Used} to the ceiling while I traced the bottom with a pencil to know where to place the brackets {see Items Used}. Keep in mind your Shelving Deck {see Items Used} will need to set on top of the brackets, so leave some space.

Now that it is marked off, it is important to find the studs with a Stud Finder
for stability. Then mount the shelving brackets into the studs with some long screws and place the shelving deck on top. Screw the deck to the brackets for stability.  Then put the upside-down shelving onto the newly mounted shelf. Before mounting it, mark with a pencil where you will screw it in and use these Drywall Anchor. Then place several screws to hold it steady to the wall.

I love my little laundry room now!


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