Roasting a Perfect Golden Marshmallow


Prefect Golden Marshmallow TipWhen my husband was little, his grandma at the campfire would make all the kids roasting mallows learn how to roast the "perfect marshmallow". They couldn't eat it until it was perfect. After catching several on fire and having to throw it into the fire, he learned quickly to roast above coals, not flames. He finally got it.

The best way to perfectly golden a marshmallow is to watch closely. Once the marshmallow starts to smoke, count to three, then rotate it to the next side. Continue this 4-5 times until the entire marshmallow is golden brown. Try it at home on your stovetop. Try the 3 second smoke trick works.

After hearing about my husbands cousin that accidentally flung a flaming marshmallow onto his face, because he was using an unfolded hanger, I would opt to pay a few dollars for a good one. If you don't have roasting sticks, these ones rock They are sturdy!

Click here to see a DIY Roaster Stick Carrying Case made from an old pair of jeans It would be an awesome free gift for a friend who enjoys camping.



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