S’mores: Chocolate Melted to Perfection


Everyone has tried different ways to perfect their S’mores. A common one that I have seen is putting the chocolate on the graham cracker and setting it on the fire ring like this.


First off, that is where all the feet go to keep warm at night so you are putting your foot where your feet are. Second, if it wont melt your socks, it likely wont melt your chocolate! So here is the solution. Use a cast iron skillet.


Set it on some of the coals away from the fire to keep it from melting too quickly and in the time that you can roast the perfect marshmallow, your chocolate will be nearly liquified.

As for what kind of skillet, you can use any, but if you want to do it with ease, I got this perfect sized one with a long handle here.

There are so many uses for this thing! But, I will save that for another post.

Another great thing about this technique is you will save chocolate and calories. In this case, less is more because it squishes around, all the way out to the corners getting chocolate in every bite! I used to put half a Hershey’s bar on mine, now I can use just 2 squares! Who every thought that I would say “less is more” when talking about chocolate?

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