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If you have wanted to start a website for any reason.. NOW IS THE TIME!  Get PROMOTION BELOW.

Ok guys.. One of the most common things that people look over when wanting to start a website is the hosting. Sure, you can buy a domain and build a website, but without hosting your site will not be available on the world wide web. Finding a good web host is a delicate balance and does not always follow the rule, “You get what you pay for.” For example, there are many companies that will charge you $15/month for a basic service. They may or may not offer Search Engine Visibility, site security or other helpful add-ons. The service that I have found that does an amazing job, for a more than reasonable price is Bluehost.

Bluehost is a large company, servicing over 2 million websites, that is able to maintain a friendly local shop customer service. In fact, this morning I live-chatted with a service rep and was able to get right though on the phone to get a question answered.


If you are reading this from From Thursday, May 19, through Friday May 20 at 11:59 PM (MT), you can use my PROMO link to get this bonus deal! THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN so take advantage while Bluehost is still on board.bluehost promo saleSpring sale bluehost

Because this is an affiliate link, and I get a small commission at no extra cost to you (actually at a discount to you) I would love to help you succeed and boost you along the way. For signing up though my link, I am willing to give you something that can be offered no where else. I will give you 3 wishes.

Ok.. not 3 wishes but the next best thing. I will give you 3 FREE CONSULTING QUESTIONS for your new online business. That will prove itself invaluable. You can ask ask them via e-mail subject line “WISH REQUEST” at Please provide your new domain URL so that I can verify that you have used the link and have earned your FREE CONSULTING.

How To Start  a Blog with Bluehost Promo


Step 1

Click any image to use your Bluehost Promo!

Step 2

2-Select Your Plan


Remember if you start today, you get to reduce that to $2.95! Wahoo!

bluehost promo sale

Step 3

This is what the signup process will look like so that you know what to expect.

Bluehost May Promo

bluehost sales



bluehost hosting



Step 4

Be grateful that they offer 3 year service plans. Just with any other company, inflation does occur so lock in that price as LONG as you can!!!!

2.95 bluehost promo



bluehost signup

Step 5

Access the back end of your hosting. Create a strong password and login. Find the Orange Icon that says “Install WordPress”. After doing that, wordpress is the place where you will spend most of your time.

bluehost account setup



9- Bluehost:cPanel Login



control panel bluehost

Step 6

Install WordPress and Login

This is where the magic happens. WordPress is where you will spend time creating content for your website.

I will create a navigation tour for you on YouTube, so subscribe here and watch out for the tutorial.



17-WordPress Login



18-WordPress Dashboard

Good luck everyone! Remember this is limited time so take advantage now!





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