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Out of all of the baby bibs that we have, the DIY homemade one had turned out to be my favorite for infants. Because it is up-cycled from an old t-shirt, it is so soft! So soft actually, that when I am done feeding my baby, I fold it up and use it to clean her delicate face (and she doesn’t even mind!).

For this project, all you will need is an old t-shirt or two for different colors on back, a serger, scissors and a mug.

Step one:  cut out two pieces in the shape of a butternut squash/guitar

Step two:  center a large coffee mug on the top, more skinny part and cut the neck hole/straps

Step three: line up the two pieces,  face the designs outward and serge around the entire perimeter

Step four:  attach velcro to the closure

There you go!  Now you have a last minute baby shower gift that you can finish in under 10 minutes!

For toddlers that are feeding themselves solid foods, I recommend getting  Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Roll Bibs 2-Pack (Boy). This bib has become the new favorite because there is almost no ground cleanup and it reduces waste because they eat what falls into the bowl. Whoever invented them is a genius.

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