Treating Hormonal Acne


Best Guide for Treating Hormonal Acne

treating hormonal acne Acne is frustrating. Am I right? It is so predictable, yet so unpredictable. Let’s talk about treating hormonal acne.

First off, Accutane should be your last resort because it is so harsh on the skin and body. Try some of these less drastic measures first.

Treating Hormonal Acne

What causes breakouts? Most say dirt and oil.. but why? BECAUSE it traps bacteria that lives in pores and gives it a nice anaerobic environment (no oxygen) to flourish in. Inflammation can do the same thing! {see hormonal acne below}

First you need to identify what is causing your acne. To do so, assess what part of your face is affected. Typically, you can tell what is going on by where it is located. Here are some examples:

To Prevent Hormonal Breakouts:

  • Use Medicated Acne Lotion (see tips for gender below)
  • Do not over scrub, be as gentle with your acne as possible to decrease inflammation.
  • Reduce inflammation by touching it less. No picking!
  • Use cool water for your final rinse.
  • Try not eating dairy and processed foods for a month to reduce overall inflammation in the body.

 For women, use Benzoyl Peroxideon the entire face or affected area once daily for a week starting at ovulation. Use Ovulation Test Strips if you don’t know when that is. See Acne by Location “Chin and Back” below for more detailed information on treating hormonal acne.

 For men, use the Medicated Acne Lotion consistently as directed on packaging.

Also: Spot treat with the same Medicated Acne Lotion.

Interesting Side Note: Proactive has Benzoyl Peroxide in it and that is why it works for people when treating hormonal acne. The problem with it is that people overuse it! Once your face clears, stop using it and switch to a sensitive cleanser and mild moisturizer because Proactiv, in my opinion, is too harsh to be using all the time and can cause dry out and inflammation leading to more acne with prolonged use. It is a vicious cycle.

Acne By Location

Chin and Back- Hormonal (women)

Get nerdy with me for a moment and imagine this. Every 28 days or so your body goes through its regular cycle. During this, your body’s hormone levels change Hello PMS. Anyway, during ovulation your male hormones {androgens} spike. This causes a micro- inflammatory  response in the beard area and in the back. This inflammation actually closes off the pores trapping the bacteria that would otherwise not cause a breakout.

It takes a week or two for this bacteria to cause a pimple once the inflammation has occurred. That is why during your period, acne is at its worst.

So knowing this, what you need to do is use a Benzoyl Peroxide (that oxidizes the closed off pores) during {and} right after ovulation. My favorite one is from Image Skincare because it is  a nice and light moisturizer that you use at night.

Cheeks- Cosmetic, Hormonal, Cell Phone

  • Make sure to be using pump foundations, this limits the chance that the foundation can be contaminated.
  • Clean your brushes daily if you are suffering from severe acne.
  • Clean your cell phone with lysol wipes.
  • Wash your pillowcase frequently or invest in a pack to rotate them out.
  • Use a facial brush to cleanse thoroughly.

Bridge of Nose/Temples – Glasses/Sunglasses

  • Clean glasses daily.

Forehead – Cosmetic

  • Make sure to be using pump foundations, this limits the chance that the foundation can be contaminated.
  • Clean your brushes daily if you are suffering from severe acne.
  • Use a facial brush to cleanse thoroughly.

Hairline – Sweat/Workout

  • Wash face or targeted area twice daily making sure to get up into the scalp.
  • Use a facial brush to cleanse thoroughly.

I hope that this helps your quest in treating hormonal acne! Good luck guys!

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  1. Believe it or not, I cured hormonal acne with – food. I started to eat raw vegan and all of my acne stabilized, then slowly went away. No more PMS, no more mood swings. It was so easy. Took about 2 months to become (almost) a new woman. I liked it so much, I stayed pure raw vegan for a year before I started experimenting with other foods.
    Turns out – my body does not cope with dairy products. After researching it, I found that probably at least 70% of people with hormonal acne are intolerant to either dairy, gluten or both.
    I can eat a little gluten, but not very much before I get depressed. Yes, that is what it does with me. It plays with my emotions.
    So – no dairy or gluten for me.
    Surprisingly, it is quite easy to live without those, especially when I jump out of bed happy in the morning to admire my acne free face in the mirror 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your success! Most don’t believe that food directly effects the skin. I’m an esthetician & makeup artist and have had hormonal acne since i was 12yrs old. I always start off asking my clients about their diets.

    • Me too! I’ve struggled with cystic and hormonal acne for over 15 years! was on everything from proactive, accutane, long-termm antibiotics, birth control pills, herbal supplements, natural oils, OTC creams, lotions, potions, you name it. Not until I cut out sugar and gluten and started alkalizing my body with plant foods and green juices and re-building my internal ecosystem with enzymes and probiotics did my skin show any sign of improvement! all these years doctors told me my diet had nothing to do with it. It has EVERYTHING to do with it!

      • Hi Becky .. Your the first person who I no took accutane that stuff was AMAZing but it did leave my skin more sensitive for about 6 months I was in sky high !! No black heads no break out wow but in long run it wasn’t something I wanted to be on !! It did make my skin more sensitive now any little pick I do it scars ;( 🙁 ;( I do believe it does have to do with your hormonl as my dermatoligest had told me this meds controls it !! So true !! My skin isn’t bad but I can’t seem to get it Clair from scars and break outs black heads little less but more on my nose ;( …. I would really love to chat more plz emal me and you can help me out share more ideas if your ok with that!!
        Hope to hear from you!!!

      • Hi! I’ve cut out dairy and gluten for a month now. I have cystic acne. Also getting my hormones tested tomorrow. What’s a green juice I can make at hinder that will help alkaline?

  2. i am 21 and i have hormonal acne. Actually i have used all kind of products with salacitic acid a benzoyl peroxide. really that stuff does not work on my face. it just dries out my skin and because of it my skin overcompensates and produces even more oil! however it does work pretty well on body acne. because thats not as aggressive. my advice to anyone who is Sick and tired of acne. and you feel like you have tried every product. You may be looking in all the wrong places. Acne is mostly genetic or if your a girl based on hormones. most hormonal acne is hard to treat with topical stuff. because its an inside problem. i recommend either going on the pill or an antibiotic via a dermatologist. Ive tried every over the counter and prescription stuff there is out there. seriously. follow these steps i promise you your skin WILL clear up!

    -for body acne try ivory soap it really does work
    – also i swear by the Neutragina body clear body spray that stuff works!!! i used up the whole bottle.

    -for your face it may be a bit more tricky

    -my favorite face wash of all time is the cetaphil foaming acne prone skin face wash. it is so gentle. oil free. and has no harsh chemicals in it!

    -my favorite moisturizer and acne treatment is aloe vera gel. it’s my holy grail and its dirt cheap! it gets redness out of skin same as a sunburn, it helps with inflammation. it helps with acne scars, it kills bacteria to reduce spread of acne. and it moisturizes to prevent wrinkles!

    -for spot treatment i use tea tree oil mixed with some water

    -about once a week i clear out my pores with this little tool thing i got at cvs. i especially focus on blackheads and get them out.

    -my favorite mask is mint julep mask but it can be a bit abrasive so be careful if your skin is sensitive.

    – dont sleep in your makeup!!!! if your too lazy at night to wash your face use a makeup removing wipe lots of brands sell them. at night is when your skin is regenerating and repairing itself. and if you have makeup all up in your pores your gonna break out!!

    lastly the clarasonic… is it worth it? i say no… although this is just my opinion. i think of all the face brushes the clarisonic is the best facebrush out there. but i dont think its necessary. Its really expensive. when i got it my face did clear up. but only for about a month. then it went back to how it was. if you wear a lot of makeup it does get all of it off thats for sure

    • Thanks for all your suggestions. My hormones have been screwed up since my tubal ligation over 5 years ago causing a ton of troubles including chest and back acne. I was on an antibiotic which got rid of it BUT at the cost of killing my good gut flora so had to stop. I’m seeing a naturopath which took me off of starches, milk, and wheat but the acne lives on so it’s not always about diet. Also hoped Vitex was going to help but it helped almost everything but the acne. I’ve ordered a green superfood powder for a prebiotic shake recipe to feed my probiotics (among other benefits) I’ve recently found which I’m pretty hopeful about. Ladies like myself have a responsibility to spread our unfortunate knowledge that If a TL affects you, you will have a lifelong battle with MANY issues. It’s not worth taking a chance.

    • Julie, if you haven’t already, you might want to look up oil washes. I’ve heard good things about it. If you haven’t heard of it, it helps your skin to keep from drying out, because when your skin gets dry, you pores produce more oils. This clogged your pores causing acne and pimples.
      Hope This Helps!!!

    • ha! Well that explains why spell check didn’t catch it:) Thanks Trish!

  3. -about once a week i clear out my pores with this little tool thing i got at cvs. i especially focus on blackheads and get them out.

    What is the little tool you got at cvs? 🙂

  4. i also suffer from hormonal acne on my back, chin and jaw line and i hate to admit it i have made scars all over my face and i started to take a probiotic for my insides and tea tree oil to kill the germs under my skin due to my grimy fingers made the acne breed even more so currently my diet is limited dairy and gluten also sugars from fruit i have cut down. lavender oil with a mix of rosehip and argan oil has helped heal the scaring and hopefully fade it away and washing my face with Neutrogena soap bar followed by applecider vingear as a toner. Once a week i use a healing clay mask mixed with apple cider vingear it has done good too.

  5. Actually Cetaphil contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which is the harshest surfactant that is made, so it’s stripping your skin of all of its natural oils. That can cause your skin to overcompensate, and produce more oil. Which can get trapped in pores, causing more acne, and a vicious cycle for your skin. It also contains prabens that can be an irritant for many people. I’m a licensed Esthtetician and we discuss this on our boards every other day, it seems, Dermatologists recommend it because Cetaphil sends tons of free samples, and marketing products to their offices all of the time. It’s sad really how many of them do this. I would recommend to anyone battling acne, find a good licensed Esthetician that specializes in acne, get a good facial, product recommendations, and an excellent home care routine. It’s a battle, but one that can be conquered with time, and effort

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