Upcycle Chair Challenge: Salt Lake Home Show


Upcycled Chair

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the start of the Salt Lake Home Show. I am especially excited this year because I am participating in the Upcycle Chair Challenge. If you are planning on going, you can get my readers discount using promo code: MAMASLOVE. Hope to see you there!

Upcycle Chair Challenge

For the last two weeks, I have been working on upcycling an old Lyre style chair. Here she is.Upcycle Chair Challenge Salt Lake Home Show During the deconstruction of the chair, I had no direction. I had ideas, but not a plan.

Once I got it stripped down to the raw wood, I had an idea that was a little bit scary. It was something that I had never done before. I wanted to convert it to a Parsons style chair. As far as chair upcycling goes, I have only ever given them a quick fabric switch out. I had never experimented with forming, reconstructing or making a chair from scratch. Because of all the unknowns and problem solving, this was incredibly fun for me to do. One of my favorite things about reupholstery is that when you start stripping it down, you see the history of the chair. This was the original seat cushion.

My idea to convert an open back chair into a closed back chair presented several challenges. First, and most important was comfort. How was I going to make this chair have form, strength and comfort? After looking around my craft room, the leather scraps caught eye. Strength mission accomplished.

Upcycle Chair Challenge Salt Lake Home Show

Then I caught a glimpse of the felt that I made slippers out of years ago. This stuff was soft but stiff, perfect for creating the form.

Upcycle Chair Challenge Salt Lake Home Show

Then I remembered that my mother-in-law bought batting in bulk and had tons of leftovers in her sewing room. After a quick text, I had permission to use it. She is the best. Comfort obtained.

Upcycle Chair Challenge Salt Lake Home Show

I liked the color of the legs, but they were in rough shape, so I matched the brown to a Rustolem Spray Paint and gave them a quick makeover.

The biggest challenge came next, the pattern. Typically when you are reupholstering a chair, you have the old fabric to make a pattern out of. When you form the seat yourself, it is much more difficult.

I resorted to origami to figure out the basic shape before cutting the fabric. My test fabric that I bought for $5/bolt at a thrift store proved that the pattern would work, but I was still TERRIFIED to cut the fabric. This ain’t no regular fabric, it is designer Vern Yip fabric. I did not want to mess it up. In the end, all prayers were answered. It fit like a glove.

Upcycle Chair Challenge Salt Lake Home Show


I added the few finishing touches, and viola. It was done. Completely unrecognizable.

I want to thank the Salt Lake Home Show for involving me in this fun competition. Also, Rustoleum for sponsoring the paint, and Vern Yip for sending the fabrics to choose from.

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